Employee Commitments

Provide salary above industry level

Human resources are valuable capital in a company. Redstone offers salary that is higher than the industry level. The most precious wealth given by RedStone is the confidence which is not only reflected in spirit, but also in the physical level.

Offering nice work environment

Redstone’s head office is located in the central business district of Shenzhen, China. All of our branches and sub-companies are located in the center of large cities as well, so our employees could be able to work in the best environment. The office in Redstone is as luxurious as our products. Employees can have even afternoon tea on the hanging garden, so they will enjoy the work here just like enjoy their lives.

Employee’s training and good platform

Redstone treats employees as partners. After getting into the company, employees will get trained systematically and developed really fast. Redstone’s unique human resource development style is the ability to hire and train entry level personnel with talents, ambition and appreciation, to give them chance to be recognized and develop their career.

Business insurance program

Redstone started business insurance program since 2010, beside typical Chinese “five insurance and one fund” program, sickness insurance and accident insurance are also included. 

Care for children and women

Due to the women career’s specialty, Redstone offers career advising for women: in order to provide enough time for women’s child rearing and rest, pregnant female can have maternity leave in advance; Also the female who have children under 12 years old can have one day off in children’s day

Trip to Europe

Redstone organizes “trip of art” event every year. Employees have chances to travel to Italy, France and other European countries for fashion show, Italian factory visiting, Museum visiting, etc.

Various activity for employees

The RedStone people loves work and life both. Redstone offers various activities for employees, Though those, they find the beauty of life and meaning of team, and get more energy for the future work.


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